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You had know idea there were so many things to learn on a trampoline!

  • 55 min
  • $94/month - Ages 6+
  • 2nd Street


The newest Olympic sport, trampoline brings heights and acrobatic thrills like no other class. Every skill is broken down into safe, progressive steps with emphasis on control and spatial awareness. Classes meet once a week, and all levels are taught at each class, so just pick the day and time that works best for you! Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes. When registering, pick the day and time that works for you most of the time. Make-ups are pretty common, so don't sweat it if you have to miss. Just give us a call, and we will get you in. Still not sure if this is the class for you? Or do you just hate using websites? Call us at (815) 623-2345 and speak to one of our helpful staff to get scheduled right over the phone.


Contact Details

  • 11447 2nd Street, Roscoe, IL 61073, USA

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