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What's New at GAR North?


As we wrap up our spring session, we want to pass on some exciting news and opportunities to help you have an awesome summer here at GAR North

This is a Strategic Closing
(no make-ups needed)

On Saturday, May 27, we will wrap up exactly 21 weeks of our spring session, giving us 4 practice weeks per month plus an extra week for make-ups and even more classes. Summer session will begin Saturday, June 3.


Staying with us for classes this summer??

You do not have to do anything. No need to re-register. Your class will continue, your spot is secure, and your price is locked for as long as you stay enrolled.

Summer classes begin Saturday, June 3.

Also, do you know about PREMIER? One fee for UNLIMITED CLASSES for your child and all kinds of discounts! Summer is a great time to load up on classes and level up your skills. Give us a call to find out more!



Can NOT say enough about this camp!

These are not traditional child-care camps (though you can use it for that). These are world class training camps where kids of all levels will level up in the events you love here at GAR North... trampoline, tumbling, gymnastics, even ninja warrior! Reserve your spot today!

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