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What's New at GAR North?

It's Christmas time baby!!!

And we are here to help! Need to shop? Send them to Parents Night Out! Need a place to send them when you are at work? CAMP INTENSE-CITY is where it's at! Need gift ideas? Merch, ornaments, gift certificates, we gotcha!


PNO is back on for Saturday, December 2, from 6-10 pm

Ages 5-13

$25 for first child

$15 for first sibling

$5 each for additional siblings

Christmas Intense City.png

Sign Up for Christmas Break Camp

December 26 - 29

Intense training camps for kids of all levels in trampoline, tumbling, gymnastics, even ninja!

Need Christmas Gift Ideas

Check out our merch, or purchase a commemorative skills ornament, or purchase a gift certificate to let someone else experience the joy of this great sport!

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