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  • We have never done anything like this and not sure if we will like it... do you offer a trial class?
    We sure do! And free really does mean FREE! Sign up for a class (no credit card required) and come try it out. If your kiddo doesn't love it, you don't owe us a dime. If he/she DOES love it, that class is STILL FREE! We will simply prorate for what's left of the month and set up your billing going forward.
  • How do I know which class is best to choose?
    As much as possible, we have tried to include, in our class descriptions, the age parameters and skill level. However, if you don't speak gymnastic-ese, it may be a bit confusing. We are more than happy to help you with your decision, and it is no problem to move your child to a different class if you feel you picked the wrong one. Just give us a call at 815.623.2345, use the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or drop us an email at
  • Are there any contracts? How long do your classes go?
    There never any contracts with us. We want you to stay because your kiddo loves it, not because you got stuck in a contract. And our classes run year round, with very few changes to our schedule. So if you get into a class you are really enjoying, you can stick with it, even in the summer time.
  • How do we go about leveling up to the next class?
    Our staff are always looking to find new ways to challenge your athlete without overwhelming him/her. They are watching for vey specific skills to be mastered so that they can offer your child the next big thing, whether it is a new skill in the same class or a recommendation to move him/her to a more challenging class. They typically do this for you, but always feel free to ask about progress and what to expect next.
  • How many kids can we have at the party?
    Your party package automatically includes 12 kids PLUS the guest of honor. Beyond those 13 playing kids, the overages for extra kids is just $16 per child.
  • Can we bring in outside food?
    Of course! We actually do not have food for your party. You can go as simple as snacks and juice pouches, or extravagant as a full buffet. Our staff will be happy to set up and serve whatever your bring.
  • Are adults allowed to play on the equipment?
    Unfortunately no. Adults are welcome to go out on the floor, interact with the kids and take great pictures. But we do not allow the adults to play on the equipment. You can blame middle-aged men who want to show us what they used to do in high school for that rule!
  • How early can we come in to get set up?
    You are welcome to come about 20 min before your party. Our staff will be ready to meet you at the car, carry your stuff in and set-up your decorations. Put them to work!
  • What if we have to reschedule?
    Consider this scenario: It's the night before the party, and your birthday boy/girl is spiking a fever and throwing up. You can't throw a party like that! Reach out to us via voice mail or email, even if it's in the middle of the night. We will get the message and call off the staff. You get your little one well, and we will rebook your party for a date that works for you and apply your deposit to that. No need to worry about throwing your money away!
  • How does your billing work?
    Our typical set-up is through our auto-debit. We can set you up on a credit or debit card, and you will see that come out around the first of the month. We can also set it for the 15th if that works better for you. And, like we said before, there are no contracts with us. Stopping your billing is as simple as a phone call. If you lose your card, get a new card number, or it declines for any reason, we do not tack a fee on top of your tuition...that's just not how we treat our customers.
  • Is there a discount for signing up multiple children or adding a class?
    Yes there is! You get a 10% discount for an additional class whether it is the same child or a sibling.
  • My child wants to come ALL...THE...TIME! How can we do this without taking out a second mortgage?
    Ask the front desk about our PREMIER program! Premier is child specific, but for less than the cost of 3 classes, it gives that child UNLMITED CLASSES. I know that sounds crazy, but we have Premier kids that are here 17 hours a week!
  • Do you offer military or first responder discounts?
    Absolutely! We are so grateful for our military, our police, firefighters and emt's. Please mention it to us when signing up, and, after all of your other discounts have been applied, we will take an additional 10% off of your final bill.
  • Is there a good time to register and what are the start-up fees?
    A great time to register is...anytime! There are never any sign up fees, registration fees, annual fees, or any other what-did-I-just-pay-for fees! It is just your tuition to get started, and if you start in the middle of the month, we are going to prorate that for you.
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